Yes on Measure B for fair elections and a just democracy.

Democracy works best when it reflects all our voices — no matter who we are, what we look like, or what’s in our wallet. 


Here in San José, we have the opportunity to build a more vibrant, accessible democracy by voting YES on Measure B this upcoming June election. This common sense reform will increase voter turnout by up to 30%. 

What Is Measure B?

Voting YES on Measure B will move San Jose’s mayoral elections to presidential years, increasing voter turnout dramatically and positioning our city as a leader in voting rights. This change would give a greater voice to those often left out of our city’s politics and ensure our government is by the people, for the people.

How Does Measure B Increase Turnout?

Democracy is built on the idea that we all have an equal voice in our government, yet turnout for Mayor elections is dangerously low in San Jose. For instance only 36% and 46% of registered voters cast ballots in San Jose’s 2018 Mayoral primary election and 2014 Mayoral run-off election respectively, compared with 78% and 81% who voted for President in 2012 and 2016 respectively. Moving the mayoral race to presidential years — a more popular election — will ensure more San Joseans have a say in choosing our mayor.

How Will Measure B Affect Future Mayoral Elections?

If Measure B is passed by voters, the next elected Mayor in 2022 will serve a 2-year-term beginning January 2023. An additional mayoral election will then occur in 2024 on the same date as the statewide primary election—and the run-off, if necessary, occurring on the date of the statewide general election on November 5, 2024. Moving forward, each San Jose mayoral election will coincide with the national presidential election.

Have Other Cities Had Success?

Yes. San José is not the first city to consider moving the mayoral election to presidential election years. In fact, according to the Public Policy Institute of California, in cities like San Diego and Riverside where mayoral elections coincide with the presidential elections, voter turnout is more than double of that of cities where mayoral elections occur off cycle.

Stronger Democracy For All!

By moving the mayoral race to a time when more people cast a ballot — especially young voters, women, and people of color — Measure B will ensure our elected leaders are responsive to all the people of San José, no matter our zipcode, race, or income.